With all the sunshine and warm weather, summers are made to be spent outdoors. However, with all the outdoor adventures you are sure to take on, injury and infection loom over the season. You don’t have to let this put a damper on your plans, just be prepared. On top of the expected bumps, bruises, and lessons that come with summer fun, it is important to be aware of bugs in the area and when possible take preventative measures against bites. Some bugs, such as mosquitoes and ticks, can carry lethal diseases so it is important to know the risk in your area as well as take preventative measures.

It is recommended that you create and maintain a first aid kit in your car and at home with the following:

  • The pre-made kit: Available at most drug stores and pharmacies, these kits contain bandaids of various sizes, gauze, antibiotic creams, and antiseptic spray or wipes. Antiseptics are vital to allow proper cleaning of any injury, regardless of size. Antibiotic creams often also have analgesic properties to help prevent infection and reduce pain in cases of lesions. Bandages and gauze are necessary as they provide physical protection, the pressure to help stop bleeding, and somewhere for clotting to occur. They can easily be put together if you need a larger kit or want to save some money.
  • Water: You should have at least one gallon of water available for everyone in your family in case of an emergency. This can be used if stranded for drinking water or to help clean wounds of debris. Any wound cleaning should be followed by antiseptic to prevent infection. Even the tiniest of wounds can become fatal if they become infected.
  • Tablets of Benadryl: it is important to have Benadryl tablets in your first-aid kit. In case of any insect bites or brushes with plants, you always want to be prepared.
  • Numbing sprays: these sprays are easily available at your nearby pharmacies. This spray helps relieve pain caused by wounds. Children find it hard to bear the pain caused by wounds; numbing sprays are the perfect cure for relieving such pain.
  • Pain killers: The first aid kit should contain painkillers like Ibuprofen and Tylenol. Deep cuts and wounds cause unbearable pain and without taking a painkiller a person could feel uneasy and potentially go into shock.
  •  A headlamp: now you might be wondering why a headlamp necessary in a first-aid kit. At night, if a person is wounded and unable to find light, things could get worse. A headlamp is necessary for having a clear view of the wound to apply an ointment and find a suitable treatment. You can purchase a normal headlamp or a flashlight from most box stores or sporting shops.
  • A towel: To clear the wound you need water and a clean towel. Dirty clothes should not be used which can worsen the scenario. A clean towel is free from bacteria and is hygienic. Anytime if a person is wounded or gets cut could bring a clean towel into use.
  • Scissors: one should purchase a small scissor to cut down the bandages. They can also be used in emergency situations to remove clothing to access the injury.
  • Organic Supplements like CBD Topicals: CBD is an organic cannabinoid extracted from the hemp plant and is being used to treat a variety of health issues. It can be easily added to your first aid kit and help you with minor cuts, wounds, pain, and inflammation. You carry CBD topicals like CBD Balms in your first aid kit and simply apply it on the injured or infected area for quick and isolated relief.

Stay Safe This Summer

Anyone, any time could be wounded, it is in your hands to remain safe. Unfortunately, if you are wounded or your children then necessary items in your first-aid kit could be useful in treating wounds or cuts. The items listed above could be added in your first-aid kit to overcome the pain and for primary treatment. Primary treatment is necessary to avoid bigger problems. The physician also recommends carrying a first-aid kit while at home or traveling. Your life is far more important than a few bucks. Take an initiative and organize a first-aid kit for summers.

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